The Stagecoach Mary - sarsaparilla Whiskey Caramel

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Handcrafted in Broken Arrow Ok and inspired by one of the most inspiring characters to ever grace American soil, these addictively smooth whiskey caramels were born by combining two southern staples. By introducing the familiar flavor of Jeremiah Weed Whiskey to an old fashioned, salted caramel, we've raised the standards for sweets. Perfectly balanced, smooth, and savory, these Confectionery Marvel's are sure to become a southern tradition.  

“Stagecoach Mary” or “Black Mary,” as she was nicknamed, carried a rifle and a revolver. She met trains with mail, then drove her stagecoach over rocky, rough roads and through snow and inclement weather. And though she intimidated would-be thieves with her height and her tough demeanor, she became beloved by locals, who praised her generosity and her kindness to children.
For eight years, Fields protected and delivered the mail. Eventually age caught up to her and she retired. The community rallied to support her, despite occasional dust-ups with neighbors. Local restaurateurs gave her free meals; saloon regulars chatted with her until bars became forbidden to woman due to a town ordinance. When she died on December 5, 1914, her funeral was one of the largest the town had ever seen."