Hearth: A Study of Home

What are your thoughts around the word home?

Is it a place to rest?

Is it a warm meal?

Or, for you, is home a person?

To simplify this idea I wanted to look back through out history and really look at what made the word "home" across the world and while I was looking back the word changed.

Home became Hearth.

*a place of gathering and conviviality
* earliest places of gathering for civilizations*
*the sacred foundations of nurturing and nourishing your life's journey

Through out most of human history the hearth was the main focal point of not only the home but the community as well.They brought friends and families together and created a center of warmth and light in the darkest parts of the year.

So this year as I set out to create our seasonal collection, I knew that it needed to be centered around the concept of Hearth. Pulling from the loaves of stolen given as gifts across Europe through the holiday season, these truffles are filled with a spiced marzipan and packaged with hand rolled incense as well as a spiced beeswax candle. It is my sincere hope that these flavorful little bonbons invoke the love and warmth of the hearth this yuletide season.


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