An Introduction to Prairie Country

When I founded American Inheritance, I had a vision of a company deeply rooted in the history and lore that founded the American pallette. Nothing is more inspiring to me than celebrating community on a dinner plate, so it only makes sense that I'd create my truffles around the amazing people ive been lucky enough to cross paths with over my Confectionery journey. That said, it's been a goal of mine from the start to put a flavor to Oklahoma. I've had a really hard time trying to capture it's spirit, from the tall grass prairies to ouachitas, Oklahoma is wild, dynnamic, and grounded. We're a state so diverse you can't understand it from only seeing one part of the state. Whether you're talking about the the landscapes or the people, I knew putting a flavor to that would have to be personal. I spent a year trying to discover that Oklahoma flavor, and didn't realize I wouldn't be able to, until these three flavors found me so to speak. I found them without looking. From new farmers in Coweta working to raise their family on the land, a bed and breakfast in Kenton that shifted from running cattle to bringing the feeling of home to travelers to no man's land by the food on their table, or a jam company rooted in their family history founded in Choctaw country, these flavors found me as I met new people and experienced Oklahoma in a way I hadn't before. But as with all amazing experiences, the best part of them is getting to share those experiences with other people. So all fanfare aside, I'm excited to be able to share my Oklahoma with you. It's a six truffle collection featuring three unique flavors that tell the Oklahoma experience of three homesteads across the state, creating an authentically Oklahoma narrative that lets American Inheritance shine some of our light on the people who make what we do possible.

For the next few weeks, we'll be publishing a series of blogs introducing you to three amazing families who are creating a lives for themselves across our great state. Stay tuned! 

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